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issue one volume Two

The Travel Edition Editorial

In keeping with celebrations of the New Year, we have decided to announce the third issue of The Open Page Online Literary Journal as our first themed edition. This issue we present to you literature on the theme of travel, as a way to reflect on the year that has just ended and to evoke dreams about the year that is to come.  We were absolutely blown away by both the quantity, and the quality of submissions we received this time around and would therefore like to take the chance to thank everyone who submitted and to say we are very excited about all the new things we can achieve next issue! For now, however here is the Travel Edition you have all been waiting for, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Co-Founder and Website Manager of TOPLJ

Mia Skevington


By Hannah McGregor

From Here

Alba Mater
By C.M. Esler

By Graham Pratt

Moving On

Through Butterfly Eyes
A Love Affair with Berlin
By Ella Kennett

By Will Staveley

Poems of departure

By C.M. Esler

By Will staveley

A Traveller

Autumn on the Kinness Burn
By C.M. Esler

By Will Staveley


By Hannah McGregor


Short Stories

In September 2017, I visited friends in the O Salnésregion of Galicia, a year after walking the Camino Portugues. Alfonso and Debee Cherene had begun working with residents of the village of Mouzos, opening the Chapel of San Pedro to passing pilgrims.

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Driving to Mouzos

Hot rain melts the view as we gaze out at the Maroni. Crouching under brittle rust, we watch the drops make dents in the river’s surface until the whole thing looks like a watery replica of mountains and valleys.

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Thinking of Home in Blue and White

A scallop shell, the emblem of the Camino is a symbol that all roads lead to Santiago.

But sometimes, when things go wrong, it can lead you away - to elsewhere, exploring places like A Toxa, an island idyll

south of Santiago.

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The Chapel of San Caralampio

By Roy Uprichard

By Isabel  Bertoli

By Roy Uprichard


I have always been fascinated by travel, as well as literature, which is what drew me to this fascinating book. It chronicles Nicholas Jubber’s journey across Europe as he explores the history behind some of the continent’s greatest stories.

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By Vicky SEal

In a strange land

By Mark Smith

The Cartographer

By Derek keen

The Essence of india

 ©All Photos in this edition are are the copyright of the respective authors. The book cover is used in respect to the 'fair use' copyright law

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