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issue two volume Two

Relationships Edition

The Relationship Edition Editorial

We are living in concerning times and understandably, across the world coronavirus is causing panic as people quarantine themselves. As scary as this is, this pandemic has highlighted the importance of our relationships not only romantically, but platonically, within our families and most importantly, within our communities. I hope that this time of unrest allows us not only to strengthen our relationships but also to continue creating and writing, no matter how big or small your projects are. This issue, on relationships, is our fourth published issue and our second themed issue and we are delighted with the quality of the work submitted. I would like to personally thank everyone who has submitted their work to The Open Page Literary Journal, as well as those whose work was published and their help with editing their work. These works explore a variety of relationships and we hope you enjoy reading them!

Co-Founder and Editor of TOPLJ

Phaidra Robinson


To the Screaming Trees of North England

Joseph Pike


Con Amore




Joseph Pike

This novel was a gift to me, and the prestige it came with – having won the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019 – made me sceptical that it may not live up to the hype around it. Despite my trepidation, An American Marriage turned out to be an emotional, honest and gripping tale of the heartbreak and destruction that a false accusation can cause.

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Short Stories

I sensed it when the second ball fell.

Jacqui was slower, of course. From the corner of my eye I saw her look quickly at the ticket in her hand, and back at the screen.

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Division One

V.C. Seal

The day that the Creature arrived in the village happened to be the hottest of the year. The children got iced treats after school, the parents took their fans to work and the elders did even less than usual. 

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A Visitor

Rosie Harrison-Nirawan

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