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issue three volume two

Issue 7 Editorial
2020 has been an interesting year, and as The Open Page Literary Journal team deal with a second lockdown, we have found that the creativity of the submissions we have received has not been diminished by the hardships many have endured in the last few months. Behind the scenes, we are looking forward to potentially welcoming a new member of the team soon and hoping that 2021 will be a successful year for The Open Page Literary Journal. We would like to thank everyone who has submitted work this year and we are looking forward to reading your fantastic work for our next issue, the theme of which will be announced within the coming weeks. This issue is a fascinating look at authors’ work from across the globe and includes poetry and short fiction dealing with a range of issues. We hope you enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to reading more from these fantastic authors in the future.

Co-Founder and Editor of TOPLJ
Phaidra Robinson


Chipping Away by Liora Resnick

Ode to a Blackbird by Walter Jardine

Iphone Note Poems by Eli Rallo

Short Stories

Dead and Born and Grown by Kellie M. Beck

Finding by Kellie M. Beck

By Derek Keen


Lacrimosa by Natalie Spittler

By Derek Keen

Sunflower Boy
by Maya Sistruck

Flash Fiction

Walking out into The Aegean by Ann Pedone

The Rocks at Dunure

Don Gordon

Fishing with Papa

Jody Kish

Courage Amidst my Storm

Jody Kish

Walk in my Shoes

Alan Smart


Whispers on the Wind 

Jody Kish



During a period of high stress, reading can sometimes be an escape, or it can be difficult to focus on the book in front of you. 
I tend to fall into the second category, so I found myself reading more short stories over lockdown, thanks to an impulse purchase of the Treasury of Great Short Stories from my local charity bookshop

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