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Our Manifesto


The Open Page is a literary magazine founded in 2018. The journal is published on a quarterly basis, covering interviews; reviews; short stories; flash fiction and poetry. The project is run by a mix of industry professionals and students, and we look to highlight writing that we believe in.

About Us

The journal is independent and not-for-profit, and although it is affiliated with Holland House, The Open Page is not intended to act as a catalogue for the press’s work. Any reviews included here are written as honestly and as critically as all other titles.

We have a free and open submissions policy. Unfortunately this means that we cannot pay our authors, but we hope that engaging in the editorial process provides some value to them. However, all authors whose work is included in the Christmas anthology will be paid.

Initially articles will only be uploaded to our website but we are excited about going into print in the near future.

Meet the Team

The Editorial Board

Phaidra Robinson graduated with a BA English Literature degree from the University of Reading and has spent the last few years dipping in and out of lots of different literary interests. In her final year she mostly focused on American fiction and theatre and occasionally some Shakespeare. She’s spent some time working as the News Editor at The Spark student newspaper, hosting her own radio show on the student radio station Junction11, and eventually working for Holland House Books. She did end up working in Martha’s Vineyard for a few months before solo travelling down the East coast of America. This sparked her love of travel and she recently interrailed for a month through Europe on her own. When she’s not working and planning future travels, she’s usually drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching true crime documentaries and listening to comedy podcasts.

Sabita Burke is a student at the University of Reading, England. Her BA is in English Language and Linguistics, and, being a bit of a nerdy type, she is constantly fascinated by all the things she is learning about her own language and others. Looking forward, she is considering careers in the fields of publishing or journalism. These prospects have led her to use what’s left of her spare time to engage in a variety of activities, including taking on the role of News Editor of The Spark Newspaper, where she has her own column. She has also embarked on a long-term publishing internship with Holland House Books. When she’s not working, she enjoys travelling around the globe, reading young adult and modernist fiction, writing poetry, and exercising to balance out the dangerous amount of carbs she consumes while watching American sitcoms on Netflix.

Oliver Wehner is a 2021 graduate of the NYU Summer Publishing Institute. He also graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor’s degree in English. He has had a passion for reading since he was young. His favorite genres include young adult and fantasy, and he is especially passionate about LGBT+ literature. He enjoys sharing his love of stories with others and hopes to help people find the same comfort in them that he does. In addition to reading, Oliver loves performing in and watching theater productions, as well as playing viola.


The Website Manager

Mia Skevington has just graduated from the University of Reading, where she had been studying English Literature. She took the opportunity to study as widely as possible throughout her degree, from post-structuralist readings of Winnie the Pooh to the study of family romances in Dickens and the analysis of American Graphic Novels. She likes to challenge the boundaries of critical thought, and especially perspectives on high and low culture. After a summer spent gallivanting around Europe during her second year of University she hopes to continue her travels into the world beyond Europe.  In her spare time, she balances a need for yoga with her love of movies and food. If she had her own way, she would paint the world orange and brings the colour into every aspect of her life. One of her favourite parts of working on TOPLJ is the creativity involved in crafting the website.

We would not be here without

The fantastic logo design from the Graphic Designer, Adithya Radhakrishnan .

The owner of Holland House and mentor, Robert Peett.


The initial idea to begin this project from Cat Hall, a co-founder and the previous Editor .

The previous web designer of the site and co-founder, Georgina Courtney Cox.

And of course, all the writers that have submitted and continue to submit their work to us for which we are forever grateful.


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