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issue two volume One



When it comes to cults, the first thought most people have is of California and the 70’s, during the rise of such groups – Reverend Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre or Scientology tend to come to mind. A matriarchal society led by the ‘Daughter of God’ based in Bedford is not a typical image, but this novel manages to convey the dramatic politics not only of small communities in general but also the specific dynamics of this cult.

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By Ceinwen Haydon

Short Story Street

She comes to the house three days after your son is killed in a climbing accident, floating out from the backdrop of your world...

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By Carly Holmes

Help! Help! Help
A lonely voice cries from the Ogbona bush. I recognize the voice to be that of my cousin Obialuju  

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By Victor Johnson

The young man considered what he should say as he steadied a bird cage on the jostling train.

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By Catori Sarmiento

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