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issue two volume three

flash fiction edition

The Flash Fiction Edition Editorial
I am very excited to present to you the sixth edition of The Open Page. In the midst of an ever-changing reality, where we are reminded of how unknown the future really is, we have decided to present to you an issue focused purely on the genre of flash fiction. In an often overlooked and undervalued corner of literature, we believe these bite-sized and addictive stories are suited to a time where everything seems both repetitive and unstable. In an issue that includes more submissions than any other so far, this issue represents the quality of the work we receive every time we send out a submission call. It is never easy to pick between entries, and we would like to thank every single person who submitted. Keep sharing your work with us! 
But for now, stay safe and enjoy the flash fiction issue!

Co-Founder and Website Manager of TOPLJ
Mia Skevington

This is Flash Fiction

Heroes Front Cover.jpg

Although not a flash fiction, or even a collection of flash fiction works, I chose to review this book for this issue of The Open Page Literary Journal because myths are almost flash fictions of their own – the stories and epics intertwining, and characters and gods turning up in others’ own short stories and adventures. 

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