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A Traveller

Will Staveley

Walking down a winding road,
My eyes before my feet,
My heart was like a plover bird – 
A robin did I meet.

Its music touched my youthful soul
Each note was pure and good;
So when I cut its feathered neck
A silence filled the wood.

No more; the robin’s song cut short,
I carried on my way;
A lamb was passing its own across
That violet, heavenly day.

She turned to me as though her skin
would open for my blade;
Her innocence may be free at last
For I slew her as I prayed:

O Lord of the Earth, I humbly seek
The one who has betrayed thee;
I know my mission is just and right
For it is you that made me.

The lamb lay emptied on the grass 
Her bleating left my head;
The saccharine sound left in its place
An echoing instead.

The sun began to shirk the sky
And all fell under dark;
The twilit trees all watched me flail
At faces in their bark.

My sword bit through one’s knotted skin
The tree let out a groan;
Still, ‘tis best, I thought, 
To be kept safe when all alone. 


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