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Through Butterfly Eyes

C.M Esler

In Lakewood I wandered barefoot 

On the grass amongst the butterflies. 

Time slipped by in strange ways that day 

As the Dead strummed their tunes in the sun. 


'What was it all for?' I wondered, barefoot 

Amongst the burning grass of so many 

Hippy-dippy starlight wanderers, 

'This human experiment of cosmic proportions.' 


I saw snowflake clouds and cat shadows 

While the earth around my feet breathed heavily. 

Strange thoughts of futures passed 

Filled my lubricated mind. 


I slipped by hillbilly pissing contests 

And purchased green chicken for 

The sunshine people and their friend, 

My ladybug with the blue hair. 


Lakewood was, in that moment, 

Suspended in timeless isolation, 

And yet, connected to every moment 

I have lived and am yet to live. 

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