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Moving On

Graham Pratt

I don’t know where we found it, that hotel upon the hill  

And I couldn’t even swear which year it was, and still…   


I remember the coast, the sea, the sand in her eyes and hair  

All she’d do was laugh with glee, so happy to be there.  

Great view all along the shore, made us both relax and smile 

Over now it is no more; longingly I contemplate a while.  


I sit and stare at a soulless room, broken shutters, a boarded door 

Drinking tea in the attic gloom, dusty beams, a dusty floor 

The rope is ready with a noose, my head slips neatly in 

Stool kicked, set loose, rope tight, breath gone, body wafer thin. 


A key went in the lock but she found no one at home 

Thought I was out, her rock, away somewhere on my own  

Then she heard the clunk click upstairs in our empty roof space 

Got to me in the nick of time, and hit me hard across my face. 

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